Tow Truck Driver Defense On Refusing Help on Sanders Supporter

Towing wrecked car


Ken Shupe, the owner of Shupee Max Used Cars & Towing, defended his decision to not service a Bernie Sanders supporter.

A disabled South Carolina woman who is Feeling the Bern got burned by a truck driver who refused to tow her car following an accident because she supports the Vermont senator’s Democratic bid for president. Something that an unbiased company like towing Santa Clara would never do to a client.

Telling the Huffington Post about her encounter with Ken Shupe, the owner of Shupee Max Used Cars & Towing saying “‘I can’t tow you … you are a Bernie supporter.’ “I was like, ‘Wait, are you serious? You’re kidding me.'” shares Cassy McWade.

Shupe, 51, wasn’t kidding. Dealing with customers who were Sanders supporters not paying him for his services, the Donald Trump supporter said he’s had problems.


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“I’ve had some horrible experiences which I do not get paid,’ He told WLOS in Greenville, S.C., “within the last six months with towing cars for this mindset [of] individuals, just a drama it turns into and a fuss as with a couple of $50 tow bill, they want to argue. And I said, you know, I’m not visiting accompany them, and I am not visiting do any business with them.”

McWade, 25, got into an accident near Asheville, North Carolina when she needed a tow. She said she suffers from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and early-stage regional enteritis which her local mechanic told Shupe that she’s disabled. Shupe disputed that account but said he still wouldn’t have towed McWade if he knew about her conditions.

“Would I have towed her car had I known she has been disabled? No ma’am. I’d have pulled forward and sat there together with her to create sure she was OK until another wrecker service showed up to induce her home safely, but I still wouldn’t have towed her car,” he said. “I stand by my decision.”