Ukraine’s President Zelensky Speaks Before Members of UK’s House of Commons

Last Tuesday, Ukraine President Zelensky spoke to the members of UK’s House of Commons via streamed video to report about the grim misery of Russia’s invasion. His summary described the spectacle of the cities destroyed by the bombardments that killed mostly civilians, ncluding children. He said that even if Ukraine’s army is outnumbered and outgunned, they will hold firm and that he would never surrender to the invading Russian forces

Addressing British lawmakers wearing his now famous military fatigue green T-shirt, the president of Ukraine voiced sentiments using the famous words of no surrender that Winston Churchill conveyed when England faced Nazi Germany’s threat of invasion. In a tone that was more defiant than ever, President Zelensky said he will never capitualte to the artillery shells and to the advancing Russian troops and tanks.


Pres. Zelensky’s speech spoke of fighting on land, sea and air, in the streets, forests, fields, seas or shore until the very end. The speech, was the first ever delivered by a foreign leader in the House Commons was also directed to all citizens of Ukraine living in every part of the world. Speaking against a backdrop of the now widely recognized blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag Mr. Zelensky’s messaging said the country’s defiance has inflicted an equivalent of 30 years of losses on Russia’s air force in just 13 days.